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We offer some of the most advanced treatments for Medical Detox in Union, and we should know. But we'd like you to really understand why medically supervised detox is the most sensible option.

When you need to end an addiction to alcohol or a drug, detoxification is the first step in the process. It involves taking up abstinence from the addictive substance to give the brain a chance to cleanse and recover normal function. To many patients and their families, detox tends to be an area of considerable confusion.

One common question that we often get has to do with going through the process at home with no medical help. Many feel it would achieve the same as medically supervised detox, and cost much less. Scientifically speaking, however, it is a dangerous idea.

Why is Detox Dangerous?

Many people are aware of the term "cold turkey," as used to describe abrupt cessation of an addictive activity. Quitting cold turkey is often seen as unpleasant, but tolerable. Addicts often consider it because they like the feeling of retaining control over their own treatment and also saving money.

The truth is that quitting cold turkey is not merely unpleasant. In fact, it is dangerous. With alcohol addiction and addiction to benzodiazepines, especially, death in the process is a distinct possibility. The danger comes from the processes in the brain that occur when access to an addictive drug is removed. The brain must regroup and restart important functions previously controlled by those addictive substances.

The transition period involves erratic brain activity. Serious withdrawal symptoms show up. Other than merely unpleasant insomnia, anxiety and pain, it's possible to experience seizures and hallucinations. These are particularly dangerous, and may cause permanent injury or death. During this time the addict is most likely to relapse, requiring relapse prevention in Union.

How Does Medical Detox Help?

The medical detox process involves abrupt cessation, as well. There is a difference, however. At a drug detox center, addiction experts — who are medical professionals — closely oversee the process, and use various medications to suppress the painful or dangerous ones.

Anxiety is treated with anxiolytics, insomnia is answered with nonaddictive sleep medication, prescription painkillers address painful symptoms, and seizures are prevented with benzodiazepines.

Cravings, one of the most prominent symptoms of withdrawal, can need the greatest attention. Methadone, buprenorphine, Suboxone, naltrexone and other drugs serve two important purposes. To begin, they are able to calm down the cravings felt without creating any euphoric feelings on their own. They are also able to block drugs or alcohol from producing desirable feelings. In this way, they help patients with their abstinence goals.

Drug detox treatment achieves safety, predictability, freedom from pain and an improvement in prognosis. Freedom from pain usually means that addicts are far more forthcoming about accepting treatment. Freedom from dangerous symptoms can mean a brain in better position to abstain in the future.

What Kind of Detox Program is the Most Effective?

Even once an addict does decide to accept medical detox, there can be considerable confusion knowing which way to head. Many wonder if they should simply buy a drug detox kit and get the treatment they need cheaply and without fuss. These kits are only sold for marijuana addictions, however. They don't come with anxiolytics, sleep medication, methadone or any other medications that help make drug addiction detox safer.

Other options such as a rapid detox exist as well, but experts consider them unscientific and risky. Conventional, gradual, scientifically designed detox programs for the safest way out of addiction are preferred.

When the decision to choose drug detox treatment is taken, there's still the question of level of engagement.

Choose Our Center for Medical Detox in Union

Our Inpatient rehab in Union requires patients to check in for weeks for the completion of the detox process. Since they include close supervision by medical personnel in addition to board and lodging, they tend to be expensive.

With outpatient treatment, prescriptions are filled, and the patient accepts treatment at home. The family offers any supervision or help needed, and therapeutic interventions kept to manageable levels.

In general, outpatient detox is a far better idea then attempting DIY detox. For anyone serious about giving an attempt their very best, however, the thoroughness of inpatient treatment is the only safe and sane option.

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